The Five Dissatisfactions

Unless you were lucky enough to be born with all the right types of leadership and business skills necessary to take your business to the next level, you are among the vast majority of business owners that get stuck.   You have had a great deal of success as you have grown the business, but are at a point where brute force and shear will are no longer enough to get to the next level.  The problems you now face can be categorized into five types of dissatisfactions that are common among most businesses.  They include:

  • The Revenue Wall:  The business has stopped growing.  You’ve hit a wall.  No matter how hard you work, it simply won’t grow.
  • Where is the Profit and Cash:  The business is not generating the cash or profits that it should.
  • Lack of Accountability:  A blame or excuse based culture has developed.  Some employees have the mindset that “nothing is ever going to change.”  People make agreements of when tasks are to be completed, but the tasks are not always completed on time, correctly, or completed at all.
  • Lack of Control:  You’ve tried numerous quick fixes, brought in consultants and nothing seems to work.  The employees have become immune to new processes and new ways of doing things.  The mentality of the employees is that nothing is going to change.  The business is out of control and owner’s life feels out of control as there is no correlation between how hard everyone works and the results they get.
  • Nothing seems to be working:   You have tried different types of quick fixes, read business and leadership books, and have tried different strategies to get things working, but none last for long.  You have hired consultants, but the problems are still are not fixed.

The Shaffer Consulting Group addresses the dissatisfactions while helping you recapture your dream of a growing, thriving, fun and profitable business.

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