Security, Fire Alarm, Audio Contractor – Ohio

I felt I was always playing with dynamite in dealing with people in the company. This has been a hard company to work at. I feel more at ease now talking with staff… I’m positively surprised by what we’ve accomplished. There has always been a lot of talk but we have never walked the walk.
-Engineering Manager

The processes are making everyone accountable in a positive way.  My team is developing well.  Definate direction and focus that we have not had. It is a good feeling to have structure. Personally you’ve changed my life, you are one of those life altering events that I will look back on forever.  As I mentioned to you previously, in the beginning I was a “Train Wreck” that was out of control.  Now life, both personal and business, seem to be more enjoyably controlled.  I owe you for putting the mirror in front of me, and making me take a hard look at it.
– Sales Manager

Peoples attitude have changed. I’m now seeing buy in by the entire company. Communication is the best I have ever seen it. People seem happy they are here.
– President/Owner

My life has been 100% better since we implemented these processes. The whole process has made me stop being a horse’s ass. I do feel better coming to work every day.
– Warehouse Manager

Granite and Tile Fabrication and Install Company – Ohio

It’s nice to see everyone coming in here working as a team.  The guys in the shop were always fighting.  It’s nice to see the programmers coming in willing to help people out as well as the other shop guys
-Team Lead Granite Installer

There has been a complete change.  The finger pointing, pass the buck…it was unbelievable.  It changed my whole life, work, home, everywhere.  It does not even have to be work.  I like to problem solve now.
– Lead Granite Installer

These leadership seminars are really helping.  I used to go to the job sites and get pissed off and angry…I’m not doing this anymore.
– Granite Installer

The performance review helped me see what other people see me as being…very helpful.
-CNC Operator

I can see the difference in my guys and myself.   Something I don’t think I did enough was praise…I’ve become a better leader.  I can make decisions that I could not have made before.
– Install Supervisor

We don’t get into screaming matches like we used to (in reference to conversations between the manager and his crews).
– Concrete Finishing Install Manager

A breath of relief.  We can call our manager and get an answer
– Concrete Finishing Installer

Electrical Contractor, Partner – Texas

Steven came in and immediately made an impact in our personnel and our behavior.  He created the Blood Wall, which showed us the avenues of which were costing us money.  He met with our electricians to get their opinions about becoming more productive, eliminating un-billable labor, and unproductive labor.  In a few days he had shown us that 2 electricians were the cause of 98% of our rework and had cost the company $38,000.  He determined from the guys that the tools we had were inadequate and quantified the cost impacting us not having the right tools. The next day I released the 2 electricians.  The same day we bought the tools the guys requested.

My partner and I communicated, but the conversations were meaningless.  Steven defined our roles in the company which I felt I knew but I didn’t.  My partner and I are friends and I trust him with my wife and kids; he is as good as they come.  However he has faults as we all do, and I was not expressing this to him or holding him accountable for what I expected out of him.  The communications we now have are factual. We discuss details about our business.  We are running our business and not being just another employee.

My behavioral traits were such that I detailed the jobs before the guys went out.  This left little doubt of their task and prevented them from thinking. They were calling me 6 – 10 times a day for answers they should be able to figure out on their own.  This has changed, they do have questions up front, but they are making the nickel and dime decisions on their own and calling me on the big decisions.

Sound, Lighting and Stage Production Company, CEO – Louisiana

We are very satisfied with the consulting services provided to us.  We are deeply grateful for the insight of our company as it stands now, and the foresight of our company’s future with systems in place that will enable us, as owners, to provide a great working environment for our employees and to embark on balancing our business life and family life.

Steven Shaffer has been amazingly intuitive and professional in getting everyone to realize their values, their weaknesses, and their abilities to grow the company.  While it has been an exhausting experience, we believe it will help us grow the company.

Cuban Commercial Electrical Contractor, CEO – Florida

Steven has come in and has changed the company upside down.  He did an incredibly great job with our company.  He had to work real hard with us because we could not understand how our behavior was affecting the company to such an extreme that we were losing money every day.

I think it was a great journey for us; we felt like we went to a good school and learned a lot from it.  We learned that we have to be accountable for our job and as a team.  We have changed a lot in the way we were running the company.  We were lost without his help.

We feel Steven is a great person and can help anybody, no matter what language or country he has to deal with.

Security Company, President  – Georgia

You created a real live success story!  Everything is still going well.  Sales are up 37% since this time last year..I expect good things to continue.  I see the completed project projections for my bottom line and the survival and growth of the company.

This period of intense professional guidance has changed my life and it will only get better.  The techniques I have learned to be able to confront adversity with a purpose are going to be very freeing and satisfying. I hope I never lose this wonderful feeling of being able to effect change in myself and those around me.  I have the expectation of getting my needs met.  What better way to live than having the options I choose for myself.  I believe others around me will also be happier.

Fiber Optic Cabling Company, President – Texas

We are very happy with the results that were done.  We have been made aware of numerous issues that were inside our company.  We are currently implementing structure, accountability and financial planning into the business.  We have a new estimating system in place as well.  Furthermore, we have put in place critical meetings that will allow us to lower our direct labor and material.  Thanks for all the support.

Steel Fabrication Company, President – Texas

Gantt charts have been put into action, job descriptions completed; cash flow summary reviewed, better organization in shop, employees becoming more aware of production and efficiency.  Attitudes changed when employees know what is expected.

We have learned much from Steven.  It has been an enlightening experience to say the least.  I have enjoyed it.  It is exciting to see positive changes in a company I created from nothing.

Steel Fabrication Company, Vice President – Texas

As each small piece of the plan is put in place, performance and productivity have increased.  It’s hard to see on the bottom line now, but I know the impact of the plan will be huge.

Electrical Contractor, President –  Texas

We began this training unaware of the fundamentals that it takes to make a business survive in a competitive market.  We now have in place over 80 metrics to monitor and keep all employees accountable on a daily basis.

Mr. Shaffer, in his time with us, has done just that – make us as owners accountable and more effective with our new specific and defined roles.  Although, at times, we were eager to get to the regular business of the day and not sit in another meeting, we soon began to realize that the meetings were crucial to our learning what we needed to build this company into what we have always known it could be – SUCCESSFUL!  He maintained professionalism as well as determined, throughout his training with us… For his efforts we will forever be appreciative.