Better Tools to Accelerate Growth

Shaffer Consulting Group’s ASCEND Rapid Growth Toolbox empowers employees, managers and leaders by providing the critical tools they need to align company strategy, culture, execution and cash to drive profit improvement and accelerate business growth.


“This period of intense professional guidance has changed my life. You created a real life success story! Sales are up 37% since this time last year. I expect good things to continue. I see the completed project projections for my bottom line and growth of the company.”  President, Security Company – Georgia

“We are currently implementing structure, accountability and financial planning into the business. Furthermore, we have put in place critical meetings that will allow us to lower our direct labor and material.”   President, Fiber Optic Cabling Company – Texas

“Employees {are} becoming more aware of production and efficiency. Attitudes changed when employees know what is expected. It has been an enlightening experience to say the least.“  –  President, Steel Fabrication Company – Texas

“People’s attitudes have changed. I’m now seeing buy-in by the entire company. Communication is the best I have ever seen it. People seem happy they are here.”  –  President, Security/Fire Alarm/Audio Contractor – Ohio

Toolbox Contents

 ASCEND Strategy – Critical Thinking

·        One-page strategic plan with clearly articulated long and short-term goals for Sales and Marketing, Operations, Finance and Human Capital

·        Strategy and financial targets aligned with core values and core purpose

·        Financial Tools to benchmark and grow profitability

·        Decisive Competitive Advantage and SWOT tools to shape and advance the organization’s competitive position

 ASCEND Culture Sync – Human Capital

·        Positively shift corporate culture to deliver measurable results

·        Transform managers into effective, action-oriented leaders

·        Improve methods for leaders and employees to hold themselves accountable

·        Increase the speed/quality of decision making and collaborative teamwork

·        Dramatically improve workplace relationships

·        Create an environment open to change

 ASCEND Cash & Capital Management – #1 Metric

·        Improved bottom line results within 90 Days

·        Sustained value by identifying critical factors that drive financial performance

·        Implementation of Cash Management Tool to instill cash flow disciplines

·        Accountability in financial reporting and budgeting

·        Measurable improvements in metrics that lead to increased cash and profits

·        Hidden profit discovery – A plan to fix constraints or bottlenecks in the organization

 ASCEND Execution – Realization and Results

·        Ensures the right people in the right seats: team selection and appraisal

·        Aligns organizational strategy with the realities of the company for specific accountable actions

·        Generates team focus on organizational priorities

·    Details an assignable and measurable roadmap to realize goals