The CIO And Your Business

Without someone dedicated to IT planning, analysis, and service delivery, business leaders too often rely on all the wrong people to plan and acquire IT products and services. That is they tend to use their accountant, the last “techie” guy that worked on their systems, the last IT sales person, or their next door neighbor’s 20 year old college student to advise them on how to best utilize their  IT budgets.   While understandable, such an approach is fraught with pitfalls that cost the company money with little, no, or sometimes a negative return on investment.

The solution is to employee a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who is charged with aligning IT solutions with the business objectives and strategies and managing that plan. This is exactly what global enterprises do.  Unfortunately, a fulltime CIO is very costly, putting them out of reach for most SMBs. Even when a company is willing to pay the high salary demanded by experienced CIOs, the CIO is often becomes bored and leaves the company.  As important, most SMEs do not need a full-time CIO.

Our Information Technology Advisory Services (Fractional CIO) addresses this issue.  We provide a CIO as a trusted advisor, on a part-time (fractional) or interim basis.  Learn more at  CompassPointe Solutions